The Game Lounge In Egham A Must Visit For Retro Gaming Fans

Treat your kids and relive your childhood by playing some classic video games here at The Game Lounge!
 If you want your children to experience the thrill of finally completing a console or PC game instead of constantly grinding on mobile games and never getting that ending screen with a real sense of achievement, the Game Lounge will open their eyes.

Introduce them to classics like Super Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Legend of Zelda, Streetfighter and the timeless Pacman, Space Invaders, and Donkey Kong. There are hundreds of titles to play from the old to the newest generation releases.
 We have a friendly café where you can sit down with like-minded friends and see who can come top of the leaderboard on the game consoles as you enjoy snacks and drinks.  We also host team-game nights, tournaments, buy, sell and trade games, as well as selling gifts, gadgets and accessories for every proud game geek.
 Can you take the heat in the tournaments? With special kidsí tournaments as well as ones for adults, both generations of your family can win big! Why not celebrate a victory with the cinema gaming experience? Play in a VIP lounge with up to 8 players!

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Cecils Rent A Rookie On FaceBook

Cecils Rent A Rookie are professionals in the supply and preperation of bangers and national bangers for small oval racing in the UK.

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Cecil's Rent A Rookie For Banger Racing

Cecil's Rent A Rookie are professionals in the supply and preparation of (Rookie) Bangers and National Bangers for small oval Stock Car and Banger Racing throughout the UK.

Nothing can beat the excitement of Banger Racing, and we can let you hire (Rookie) Bangers and National Bangers that can be bashed, crashed and totally destroyed in a competitive race.

Based in East Sussex, Cecil's Rent A Rookie hire out Bangers at all the Spedeworth and Incarace tracks (Aldershot, Arlington, Birmingham, Hednesford, Ipswich, Northampton, Wimbledon and Yarmouth) but are happy to discuss the possibility of supplying race cars for other venues.

We are also able to offer group Banger Racing events for birthdays, stag/hen nights, Christmas parties, in fact, any occasion you can think of.
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Contact us at Console Healer

Console Healer is based in Egham Surrey

We are a mobile based repairers

Call or Text Us with your console fault on

Mobile / WhatApps: 07592 832 905

Email :

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3 Easy ways to follow & Contact Console Healer

Follow us with these option's

Facebook : Console Healer

eBay sales : Console-Healer-Services-Surrey

WhatsApp : 07592 832 905

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Why not visit us on eBay @ console-healer-services-surrey

Why not visit us on eBay @ console-healer-services-surrey

We offer second user gaming console's & game's + more

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