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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Console Healer 

Here are the most frequently questions asked by Console Healer visitors about payment methods, delivery time, packing procedures, etc.

FAQ: Can you repair console's that have had custom mod's

No. We are do not offer to fix modified consoles

FAQ: Do you have a land line phone number ?

Not at the moment, please call or text us on 07592 832 905

FAQ: Do you repair console's from outside the UK

Yes, we repair consoles from all over the World
Just email us for details on how to book and send in

FAQ: How long on replys to email's

We check email's every 2 hour's a day, up until 9pm, reply's within 24 hours

FAQ: How to pack your console to send to us

We would pack small consoles, sat nav's in a mail lite packet.0
Wii, PS3, xBox 360 in a box that fit's with bubble rap packing, then well taped up